Artist Spotlight: MUST DIE!

Lee Bates, better known by MUST DIE!, is a Seattle-based dubstep veteran who has been steadily realizing new music since 2012. He has released from all sorts of labels, including OWSLA and Never Say Die. MUST DIE! is also well-known for his innovative and hard-hitting remixes. His remix of Slander and SayMyNames’s “I Can’t Escape” will be releasing this upcoming Thursday (today), which means that it will probably be making its live debut at Opera Nightclub the next day during his Hyper Future Tour show with LAXX and Dr. Ozi. Here are five songs from MUST DIE! you need to listen to before seeing him live.

The Weapon

This song has a great progression that will keep you dancing all night long. The gradual inclines before each drop keeps the listeners eager for what’s next. The catchy lyrics of this tune twist into the buildup for each drop which lean toward bass house beats.

Neo Tokyo

This song is more upbeat than what most would expect from dubstep artist like MUST DIE!, but don’t let that fool you. The vocals throughout the track may make you think this is going to be a chill track, but each drop shows that this is simply not the case.

Gym Shards

This is one of MUST DIE!’s better-known songs. The gradual horn build-up at the beginning nicely leads into some more heavy-hitting beats. Each build-up feels like it’s leading into another until about halfway through the song where the first drop finally cascades into futuristic trills and chops.


This song is from the Hyper Future II compilation, which also features songs by LAXX and Dr. Ozi. The industrial sounds featured in this paired with all if the heavy-hitting chops keep this recent release exciting.

Emotional – MUST DIE! Remix

The moving lyrics in this song lead into an uplifting build-up, which MUST DIE! follows up with his signature chops and twists. The cohesiveness of this song is impressive considering all of the different elements it incorporates. This remix is a great example of how
MUST DIE! can create new meaning out of other songs.

Written by: Claire Reichley

August 30, 2018


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Artist Spotlight: MUST DIE!

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