Artist Spotlight: 12th Planet

Attention, bassheads! 12th Planet, a legend in the dubstep game, will be exercising our speakers this Friday, January 19th. For two months, his Sooo Sick Tour has been leading him to this stop: Opera Nightclub, Atlanta! We already know you rarely miss a show, and this is definitely not the time to start! Here are six reasons why:

1) 12th Planet is a dubstep enthusiast who is continuously dropping filthy tracks throughout his mixes. He is constantly keeping up with new music as well as never forgetting old bangers; check out his Diplo & Friends mix (aired on October 1st, 2017). By dropping “Africa” by Excision and Dion Timmer (2016) and “Baller Licker” by MurDa (2017) he shows that his playlist is kept updated but remembers those great, older bangers.

2) 12th Planet is a pioneer in the EDM scene; he worked his way from an MC to hosting shows and networking with DJs …and getting his music heard. He began as a Drum and Bass DJ known as Infiltrata, but changed his alias name when he started producing dubstep in 2006. Many say that it is 12th Planet who brought the dubstep scene to America – so give the man a “thank you” next time you see him! You can learn more about his history in his podcast interview with Willy Joy.

3) 12th Planet basically birthed Skrillex, one of the most well-known DJs in the industry. Thanks to 12th Planet’s mentoring, Skrillex was able to learn to mix and produce his own tracks. 12th Planet even brought along Skillex as a guest appearance at EDC and Avalon in the early days. Listen to their B2B set at Ultra Music Festival 2012, where Skrillex mentions that 12th Planet is his mentor.

4) 12th Planet has produced numerous popular songs, such as “Gully Squad,” “Skinny Pigs,” and “Spilly Talker.” Most of 12th Planet’s songs probably sound familiar because almost every DJ drops them in their live mixes. My favorites include Excision in his Lost Lands 2017 mix (“Dead Presidents” by 12th Planet and Zomboy). He has also collaborated with many superstar DJs — from Datsik and Virtual Riot, to Kill The Noise and Trollphace. Listen to “Party In The Sewer,” 12th Planet’s popular collaboration with Datsik.

5) 12th Planet is the head of Disciple Round Table, a sub-label of the famous Disciple. At the launch of the sub-label, Knights of the Round Table Vol 1 was released. From this compilation album, it is apparent that the Disciple Round Table will be focused on riddim, the heavy side of dubstep. The album features dubstep gods such as Phiso, Oolacile, Dubloadz, INFEKT, and Ivory.

6) Last but not least, 12th Planet will be bringing the best supporting acts on tour with him: Phiso and LUMBERJVCK. Listen to “Jotaro” by Phiso, which should be familiar; almost every DJ has played it in their sets since its release in 2016. Then listen to LUMBERJVCK’s heavy collaboration with 12th Planet, “Name Bran.”

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