Every Friday night, we bring you to a place that you can call home, with DJs who play the best music and an atmosphere with some damn good vibes. We asked a few of our friends to tell us what exactly is so special about Liquified and why they continue to attend our shows. Here is what they said:

“I love the Liquified shows because not only do they bring the best artists, but they have helped put ATL on the map for the EDM scene. With every show being an amazing release [and] allowing me to be surrounded with people who love the same music as I do and just going wild for the love of it!” –HVAC Technician, 23

“Liquified always finds a way to accommodate for every genre of EDM. They are such an incredible and friendly team and it makes going to shows so fun and unforgettable!! Liquified always brings big dope DJs and I’m always excited to see upcoming shows! I owe it to Liquified for making me fall in love with music shows and festivals!” –Georgia Tech Student, 19

“I started coming to events because I really liked the artists (What So Not, Borgore), but I love how quickly and easy it is to make friends at shows (I guess it does help that I have wiggling lights on my hands!). Everyone is so kind and welcoming. I love Liquified because it’s a super easy way to get into the scene and becoming involved. Although I just promote, it’s cool to meet young people who want to get involved with the Atlanta scene in ways more than just going to shows.” –Barista and Georgia State University Student, 20

“I’ve been attending Liquified events since the late 90’s and I live the PLUR life!! I am always home with my Liquified Family as we dance & rave to the world’s best EDM artists. My soul is so happy and glowing from our combined energy…I feel truly alive!” – Day Spa Sales Manager and Music Producer, 38

“There’s just something about the energy in the room. Looking around and seeing smiles on people’s faces…everyone enjoying the same musical tastes as you. It’s what brings me back for more!” –Promoter and Marketing Intern, 25

“I love going to Liquified events for 2 main reasons. Firstly, they are the best bookings in Atlanta. Always top notch names coming through. Secondly, is the venue. Opera is a great spot. Friendly staff, good location, killer prices. VIP section is the best. Overall, gotta love Liquified.” –Rideshare Driver, 26

“I go to Liquified shows not only for the incredible music, but because I’ve found people to call my family there— the vibes I get at these events are INSANE, I’ve never felt more welcome anywhere else in my life.” –Assisted Living Care and Photographer, 21

“I enjoy going out to Liquified shows because the community we have in this scene of music is so accepting and loving it’s amazing.” –Tiff’s Treats Driver, 24

“A big part of why I choose to go to a festival/show is about the atmosphere. Liquified never ceases to amaze me with the carrying acts like Mind Control to Sub Loaded.” -– Food Service, 29

“I love Liquified because they’re the best at creating an atmosphere where you can just come and escape and dance to the music, from whatever genre you like.”  –Business Owner, 25

“Ever since I was a kid, I remember not fitting in with kids my age. They liked hip-hop, pop, etc but I liked weird sounds, mostly without vocals. I remember listening to Basshunter, DJ Tiësto, Darude and got weird looks from everyone. After TomorrowWorld Year 1, I remember seeing somewhere that Above and Beyond was booked by a local company called “Liquified” …. the energy and vibes at A&B was beyond amazing. Never had I ever met such welcoming people. I thank Liquified for bringing over 95% of all the DJs I had always dreamed of seeing live… and I couldn’t be happier and proud to call it home.” – Electronic Technician, 26

“I love Liquified shows because the music bookings are extremely in tune …there’s variation but you know it’s always a good time. It’s always a reasonable price while bringing the best consistent production value in Atlanta. If you go to a Liquified show you know the artist will kill it and it’s gonna be a great crowd of like minded fans looking to have a good time.” –Mental Health Therapist, 26

Why do YOU love Liquified? Let us know!


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