Zomboy Impresses with “The Outbreak”

Zomboy Impresses with “The Outbreak”

It’s. Fucking. Zomboy. The time has come; Zomboy’s new album, “The Outbreak” has been released and it’s nothing short of fantastic. “The Outbreak” supplies your daily dose of filth, with tracks such as “Outbreak” feat. Armanni Reign, “Skull ‘n’ Bones”, and “Survivors” with MUST DIE! smashing your ears into rubble. “Outbreak” is a standout on “The Outbreak” (lol); the last minute of the song is nothing short of ridiculous. “Skull ‘n’ Bones” is one of the more brutal tracks on the album; it drops harder than anything since the meteor that took out the dinosaurs.

“The Outbreak” is not, however, limited to Zomboy’s usual brilliantly crafted aggressive dubstep; “Airborne”, “Patient Zero”, “WTF!?”, and “Delirium” feat. Rykka are all up tempo tracks that show Zomboy’s diversity and talent. “Delirium” is an especially crazy track; it blends Zomboy’s signature sound with 128 bpm and beautiful vocals from Rykka to create a masterful track.

Not only is “The Outbreak” diverse, but it flows phenomenally. When one listens through the album in its entirety it sounds almost as if it is a live set. This wonderful progression of songs serves to amplify the greatness of “The Outbreak” as an album and attests to Zomboy’s aptitude for music.
“The Outbreak” Track List

  • Nuclear (Album Version)
  • Outbreak Ft. Armanni Reign
  • Airborne
  • Beast in the Belly
  • Skulls ‘n’ Bones
  • WTF!?
  • Survivors with MUST DIE!
  • Patient Zero
  • Immunity
  • Delirium ft. Rykka