Mat Zo Announces New Record Label

Mat Zo Announces New Record Label

Among the usual sea of artist musings, interactions, and other posts on Twitter, one announcement stood out from the rest. The artist-run record label community welcomes its newest member: Mat Zo.

In an era when labels are looking to new methods and ideas for revenue streams, Mad Zoo, a subsidiary of Anjunabeats, takes on a new approach. Traditionally, labels make their money by taking a cut of royalties paid out on digital and hard copy album sales. Some offer 360 deals, in which labels take a cut of everything – merch, touring, etc. However, Mat Zo is structuring the label to be subscription-based.

True to his brand and craft, he tweeted the following in regards to the genre:

“I started a label to get rid of the middle man,” he wrote in one reply. “We are still working on the system to make it as fair as possible.”

He seems to be holding true to this – currently, submissions are being accepted through his personal soundcloud while the website is under development.

Promising artists can look forward to Zo’s personal guidance and direction to help them grow:

“I listen to everything I get sent,” he posted.

With such a talented artist hand-picking, developing, and supporting Zoo animals, and Zo’s decision to “not take on any artists until [he finds] someone good enough,” it’s no doubt that we can look forward to nothing but excellence from Mad Zoo.

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–written by Traci Yoshimura